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Ohm Corporation

Ohm Corporation
Ohm Corporation provides expert engineering and design solutions on time and within budget. A key to our success is that you communicate directly with our top engineers during all phases of your project. This ensures that projects stay on schedule and that we deliver satisfying solutions.
Ohm Corporation

Ohm is a full-service electrical engineering corporation. We provide maintenance, modernization and expansion design services. Since 1986 Ohm has delivered the highest quality services to industrial, commercial and government clients.

Ohm Corporation has been in business since June of 1986. We have been offering design and engineering services to the industrial and commercial industry sectors. Mr. Moulin has also been providing forensic electrical engineering investigations and expert witness services to the insurance and legal community since 1986.


Spend Money to Save Money?
When you want to reduce costs, spending more money is not the first thing you think of. But sometimes you must spend to save. When a major oil field operator came to Ohm Corp. for help, oil production was down. Oil prices were down too. He needed to reduce costs.

Ohm’s solution was to engineer a switching station so our client could alternate between two utilities serving the oil field. This way he always captured the lower rate.

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