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Power Cost-Reduction

Four Ways to Cut Costs

Ohm Corporation clients learn how to reduce costs with more efficient use of electrical power. Commercial and industrial clients apply cost-saving methods in four areas:

  • Process equipment
  • Electrical system
  • Procedures
  • Rates and bills

Drawing on proven techniques, Ohm cuts power costs by:

  • Explaining how your utility company can help
  • Analyzing your bill
  • Advising when to change equipment
  • Recommending when it makes sense to hire outside help

Ohm offers two options to achieve savings:

Ohm Consulting Services
Ohm Corporation’s expert consulting staff will analyze your energy use and requirements, then provide solutions that meet your needs while reducing your expenses.

Ohm Workshops
Ohm Corporation, conducts workshops on practical power cost reduction. His workshops show operators, foremen, superintendents, engineers, accountants and managers how to apply proven cost-saving techniques. No engineering background or prior knowledge of electricity is required.

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